The New York State Film Production tax credit program requires all applicants to shoot some portion of their principal photography at an approved soundstage, known as a New York State Qualified Production Facility (QPF). Threshold requirements for filming at a QPF vary by size and type of production; for more details on specific program requirements go to our tax incentives page.

Qualified Production Facilities are located throughout New York State. Within the five boroughs of New York City only, QPFs are divided into two types: Level 1 and Level 2. Outside of New York City, there is no distinction between facilities.

* Any soundstage meeting the definition of a Qualified Production Facility (“QPF”), as that term is defined in Section 24 of the Tax Law, may request to be listed on this website. The New York State Department of Economic Development (the “Department”) does not endorse or recommend any QPF listed on this website, or make any guarantees as to the fitness of any QPF for any particular project or purpose. In no event shall the Department be liable for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage arising from your use of a QPF.

One stage with minimum of 7000 square feet of contiguous space.

One stage with minimum of 7000 square feet of contiguous space, AND:

1. incorporates a permanent grid, AND 2. is column-free with a clear height of at least sixteen feet under the permanent grid, AND 3. is soundproofed with a Noise Criteria (“NC”) of 30 or better, AND 4. has sufficient heating and air conditioning for shooting without the need for supplemental units, AND 5. has sufficient built-in electric service for shooting without the need for generators.
A complete list of Qualified Production Facilities/Soundstages in New York State.

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